Drum Kits

Live Rigs

Kit A - 1968 Ludwig Super Classics - Psychedelic Red

Kit B - 1984 Premier XPK Birch/Mahogany - Walnut Lacquer

Kit C - Gretsch Catalina Elite Jazz - Silver Sparkle


Studio Kits

Kit A - 1961 Ludwig Super Classics - Silver Sparkle

Kit B - 1967 Ludwig Super Classics - Sky Blue Pearl


Set A - Jazz/Session

Zildjian K Custom Ride 18"
Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash 17"
Zildjian K Custom Session Crash 18"
Zildjian K/Z Dyno Beat Hi Hats 13"

Set B - Live Rock/Pop/Dance

Zildjian A Custom Medium Ride 20"
Zildjian A Custom Crash 18"
Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash 17"
Zildjian New Beat/Quick Beat Hi Hats 14"
Paiste 3000 Splash 6"
Sabian AAX Splash 10"
Sabian B8 Pro China Splash 8"
Wuhan China 14/16"



'58 WFL Super Orchestra 5.5x14" NOB
'59 Trans-badge Pioneer 5x14" NOB
'62 JazzFest 5x14 COS
'67 Supra - Ludalloy w/COB rims
'67 Acro - Raw Aluminum COS
'81 Premier 1001 5x14" COS
'89 Premier Free-Floating Marching Snare
'94 N&C CD Maples Custom 4.5x14"
'90-? Pearl Steel Snare 6.5"
'04 PDP Popcorn 6x10"
Hand-built Eames 6 ply birch 6x14"

Just traded my old Zildjian 20" Flat Ride for a matching A Custom Medium Ride to complete my A outfit. LOVE. THIS. RIDE.
I'm now running that ride with an 18" A Custom right-side crash and a 17" A Custom Projection left side crash, along with my New Beat/Quick Beat 14" combo hats and an old 6" Paiste 3000 series splash. I'm looking for a pair of A Custom Mastersound hats next, if anyone has a nice set they are looking to get rid of!

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